Life is Strange, Episode 1 is free to download

Life is Strange is a fantastic game. If you like living out the life of a teenage girl. With time travel powers.

The first episode (out of five) is now free to download on various platforms. I highly recommend giving it a go.

I’ll admit that the game is a bit slow to really get going, probably not until midway through the second episode. But once it gets its hooks in you, it wont let go.

I was surprised by how attached I got to several of the characters in the story. The writing is a bit shaky at first but the episodic release structure allowed the developer to right most of the wrongs by the end.

One of the best surprises for me of 2015, and the emotional resonance is a level that very few other games (indie or AAA) are able to achieve.

Life Is Strange™_20150202020852


4 thoughts on “Life is Strange, Episode 1 is free to download

  1. I paid for all the episodes, but have yet to get past the first one. Sounds like I need to power through the slow setup to the reach the good stuff. Once I give the game a fair crack I am sure I will enjoy it, because I love the idea of living the life of a teen girl… um I mean a time traveler.

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  2. Yeah, it’s been a tough sell to friends because it doesn’t really get good until the end of Episode 2. Each episode is about 3 hrs long so asking people to put up with about 5 hrs of gameplay is a real challenge.

    The bottle hunt in the second episode is probably the lowest point in the game, but like I said, the episodic nature allowed the devs to course correct… even poking fun at the bottles by the final episode.

    If you bought the whole game, it’s probably worth sitting down eventually and playing it. Just try ignore the I’m-A-Creeper feelings when the teen girls are standing around in their undies.


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