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I know everyone’s on the No Man’s Sky kick, and my friend is really talking it up. But I really had no clue what the game was actually going to be so was waiting until I get a better consensus from everyone.

Meanwhile, I’ve been knocking out a bunch of indie games and still banging around on Star Wars: Battlefront.


The first indie game on the list was Oxenfree. I’d heard a lot of intriguing things about it, like Life is Strange (and I ended up loving that one), so decided to make the leap.

It was an interesting game, but definitely lacked much of any actual gameplay. A lot of it is walking your character around as she talks to other characters and choosing dialogue options. I know that annoys some people but I usually have no problem with it as long as I’m interested in the characters and story.

There were definitely moments that had me on the edge of my seat. And some actual creep out instances that I wasn’t expecting.

It ended up being pretty short and not quite as mind-bending as it was starting to hint at, but I’m still glad I played it.

And I recorded the live stream which you can watch here.



Next up was Abzu, which was a pretty new release by the people who made the masterpiece, Journey.

That was very evident as the art style, music, and general feel didn’t veer too far from the former at all. Not that that’s a bad thing. Journey was one of the more memorable, unique gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

The only knock against Abzu is probably that it’s doing a lot of what Journey already did so there’s a diminishing return on the impact.

Still, I kept feeling moments of quiet awe and expansive serenity. Several times during my playthrough, I thought to myself that this is a game I’d want to sit my mom down next to me and watch as I play. I could imagine her “oohing” and “ahhing” at the underwater scenery.



I was hesitant to check this one out because I’d heard conflicting reports. Some people gushed about this game while others were very dismissive.

I think my verdict is somewhere in between, edging slightly on the higher side.

To be fair, I think playing the three games in quick succession hampered my experience of Firewatch. If I’d just come off something like Uncharted 4, then maybe this would’ve felt more refreshing.

As it is, I still liked this game. The voice acting is great, considering they have to bring to life two characters that you never even really get to see in person. The art style is very solid. It’s tough to compete against AAA games the likes of Naughty Dog’s but I found this game’s depiction of wilderness just as immersive.

I think, like Oxenfree, there is a point in the story where it feels like it could open up into a larger conspiracy or crazier adventure, but it ultimately settles on a smaller scope.

I was very tempted to make this a Live Stream series too but coming so close off the coattails of my Oxenfree playthrough just didn’t seem right. Perhaps if it had more of a gaming element but it was basically another walking simulator with dialog choices.


That’s my current gaming lineup. Let me know if you had any thoughts on these games. And if you think there are any others out there that you think I should check out!



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