Let’s Play: Inside

Here is my Let’s Play series on the great game by Playdead, the makers of Limbo. It’s quite a short game, but it leaves a strong impression.

It’s a strong example of how video games don’t need to have everything and the kitchen sink thrown into it. A strong art style and sure-handed direction, with tight puzzle mechanics make you realize you don’t even need dialog or music.

Still, I’m always an advocate of a strong story. Not that Inside doesn’t have a story or a message, but one of Playdead’s tricks is to leave things very vague and open to interpretation.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Play: Inside

  1. If that’s the case then you probably shouldn’t. This is basically a more graphically advanced Limbo.

    For me, I love the art style of these games and the puzzles are very elegantly designed. I got such a feeling of satisfaction after solving some of the tougher ones.


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