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Like most people, I’ve drifted away from No Man’s Sky due to the mind numbing monotony. I think I will eventually want to discover what’s at the center of the universe (almost guaranteed to disappoint) but for now I’ve had my fill.

In the meantime, I’m waiting for Mafia 3 to come out and have been filling up the time by going back into The Division.

More than No Man’s Sky, this game is what I was most disappointed in. I had high hopes for a game that wanted to meticulously recreate New York City (turns out it’s only Manhattan, and only midtown at that).

Running around in the game again, the flaws are so much more distinct now. The setting is beautifully realized. You can wander into an abandoned apartment and see the environmental storytelling.

But the rest of world is just so dead and barren. There’s almost no one on the streets, and you can barely interact with the ones that are there. I know it’s post-apocalyptic, but it’s also freaking Manhattan. There should be at least a few clusters of dense populations that you can come across and talk to.

Also, the enemy types are just too generic and repetitive. It’s only ever human beings with guns and occasional flame-throwers. You deal with them at Level 3, and you’re still dealing with them at Level 24. There’s no variation except they absorb more bullets.

Even visually it’s all too similar. Running up to a person, I can never tell if it’s someone I’m supposed to help, ignore, or shoot. At least until they start shooting at me first.

I’m aiming to finish the game, but only because every other game I want to play has been delayed.


3 thoughts on “Now Playing

    1. Haha, in that case maybe I won’t go back and try to finish it after all. That’s what YouTube is for, right? Thanks!

      Anything interesting you’re playing right now, or looking forward to?

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      1. I’m not playing much at the moment other than daily sessions of Hearthstone and Overwatch, Lately I seem to buy a game, play it for a few hours and then move onto something else.

        On the Vita I bought Valkyrie Drive, which is a brawler akin to the Senran Kagura games. It features destructible clothing and girls who turn into weapons. Not the most politically correct of titles 🙂

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