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I’m in a bit of a gaming lull after Detroit so went back to do a third playthrough of Dishonored 2 to grab a few more trophies. Namely the ones awarded for not killing anyone or being spotted through the entire game. After clocking almost 50 hrs in this game, it’s amazing how awful I still am at stealth.

I’m also reminded of how breath-taking the “A Crack in the Slab” chapter is. Occurring in the last third of the game, you suddenly find yourself without the powers you’ve accumulated and introduced to a new time-traveling mechanic. The game requires you to jump through two time periods in order to traverse through the level, overcoming obstacles or eliminating threats in one time to advance in the other. It’s stunning and mind-bending.

I googled and was able to find an article that encapsulates so much of what impresses me about the chapter. Probably due to the fact that it’s a professional writer who is more eloquent and smarter than I am… article link.

One last thing to point out is that I finally discovered a fourth timeline in this latest playthrough (three parallel timelines exist depending on your actions within the stage). I can’t even imagine how brain-melting it must’ve been to craft and design the level to work in each timeline, let alone the technical feat that allows for you to instantly jump back and forth as well as peek through with your time piece. After all this time, I’m still in awe.


I’m also trying out Celeste after all of the acclaim. I see why people enjoy the gameplay, it’s a lot like Meatboy. But I just end up infuriated after about 10 minutes of playing. I’m not usually in to the twitchy games that require precise reflexes and control. I’m not that good of a player. Give me the walking simulators!


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    1. More like going through a very big dry spell in new games to play! I was really more interested in seeing what the big deal about the story in Celeste. Honestly, I felt it was pretty underwhelming. I was surprised sites like IGN gave it a 10.

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