E3 2018 Review

So another E3 wraps and as usual there’s a ton to sift through. I think Microsoft and Ubisoft had the smoothest presentations while Sony, Bethesda, Square Enix, and EA had rocky or downright awkward moments. (I didn’t get to watch Nintendo’s.) Out of all of them, Microsoft had the most riding on their show. They’ve […]

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SNES Classic is Coming!

As if 2017 weren’t jam packed already with insane video game goodness, Nintendo decides to pile it on with the announcement of the SNES Classic, coming this fall. I absolutely have an affinity for the 8-bit era games, but to me the 16-bit period hits me much harder in the nostalgia feels. The SNES Classic […]

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Dishonored DLC Announced!

Somewhat lost in the E3 extravaganza, Bethesda announced a stand-alone DLC for Dishonored 2. It’s both telling and saddening how little noise this news made since the Dishonored series is a hidden gem of inventive, stylish, and entertaining games. I give the developers credit for believing in these games though. Apparently, none of the games […]

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