Spoiler Space: Detroit, Become Human

It’s tough to talk about Detroit: Become Human without going into some specific story elements so I’m dedicating this post to really diving into some aspects I think worth unpacking more. I appreciate Quantic Dream’s ambition and scope in trying to encompass a whole movement as well as three individual story arcs. However I feel […]

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Let’s Play: Detroit, Become Human

What does it mean to be human? Is it self-awareness? Self-preservation? The willingness to sacrifice oneself for another? Can something we create non-biologically be considered alive? Does that mean it has a soul? Does that allow it the same rights as humans? These are all heady philosophical questions that we love to explore as the […]

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I don’t usually leave a game unfinished to go play another but that’s what happened with Ni No Kuni II for God of War. Unfortunately, the insanely high bar set by God of War made it tough to ignore the shortcomings of Ni No Kuni II. Even without stacking up next to a possible GOTY, […]

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Let’s Play: God of War

I never thought it’d happen, but I played and loved a God of War game. This has been a year of surprises for me (see: Bloodborne). I just wrapped the main story and am working my way through the extra side material. But I can’t stop thinking about how great this game was. The accolades […]

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Avengers: Infinity War Review

I don’t usually write about subjects outside of video games, but I can’t resist for Avengers: Infinity War. Spoilers ahead… Wow, what an epic movie! It really is the culmination of ten years of continuity. It seemed unlikely and impossible, but they somehow pulled it off. In ways, it is a sure-fire hit, but it […]

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Thanks to the monthly batch of free games through Playstation Plus, I finally got to experience Bloodborne. When this game was initially released, I largely ignored it. Mostly because I’d never heard of the developer From Software or its series Dark Souls. But also because I was never drawn to games that are touted as […]

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Despite some proclamations that 2018 is already matching 2017 as a great year for video game releases, I’ve found myself not interested in most of the big releases. I wasn’t interested in Dragon Ball Fighter Z or Monster Hunter World. Although I’m actually hungering for a game with a lot of character customization, Monster Hunter […]

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