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2018 has certainly started off slower than last year. I’m not complaining though since it allows me to go back to a few games I’d been itching to try or finish up. Mainly, I did a NewGame+ for Persona 5, which I thought would go a lot faster but ended up being another 100 hrs […]

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Dishonored DLC Announced!

Somewhat lost in the E3 extravaganza, Bethesda announced a stand-alone DLC for Dishonored 2. It’s both telling and saddening how little noise this news made since the Dishonored series is a hidden gem of inventive, stylish, and entertaining games. I give the developers credit for believing in these games though. Apparently, none of the games […]

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Let’s Play: Dishonored 2

Here we go! Another Let’s Play series. After the first Dishonored, I immediately barreled into the recently released sequel. I’m glad that I played the original to get more context and more depth, plus it helped me get better at the gameplay. (“Better” is subjective in this case.) The graphics are great, but since the […]

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