Thoughts on No Man’s Sky

I’ve had a chance to dive into No Man’s Sky for about 6-7 hours, enough to get an impression of what this game has to offer (I think). I can definitely see why there’s such a wide spectrum of opinions on this game. It’s not for everybody. I can imagine those who like online shooters […]

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Now Playing

I know everyone’s on the No Man’s Sky kick, and my friend is really talking it up. But I really had no clue what the game was actually going to be so was waiting until I get a better consensus from everyone. Meanwhile, I’ve been knocking out a bunch of indie games and still banging […]

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Let’s Play: Oxenfree

I got to check out the indie game by Nightschool called Oxenfree. Pretty interesting and weirdly had a lot of similar qualities to Life is Strange. Still, I liked it. A very short experience but the voice acting really helps immerse you into it.

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